Quality Assurance

Quality assurance can be a determining factor for the companies future. By focusing on quality you can reach, not only better quality, but also improved productivity, profitability and satisfaction. Quality assurance consists of many parts and the focus for us is the machine equipment, working methods and quality control / vision systems.


Machine Equipment

Choosing the right type of machine equipment with high availability, low maintenance and to the right price is something we know is crucial to be a leader in the future.

Working Methods

Finding the right way of working is important for productivity, quality and comfort. Together with management, operators, and suppliers we bring quality assurance in the center and work on continuous improvement which makes you reach high goals.


Quality Control/Vision Systems

There are various quality checks to ensure product quality. It is important to choose the right equipment for product inspection, which must be cost effective but also guarantee the quality. It can be a complete vision system, log system, or just a good working method. For example, to develop complete "vision system" WIP Consulting cooperate with OptoNova.

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