WIP Consulting has developed programs and systems for press control. Please see more information under "Products".

With long experience in mechanical engineering with presses and hydraulics WIP Consulting can also offer troubleshooting, optimization and rebuilding of existing hydraulic systems.

Projects that we handle can be anything from production optimization "tuning", to rebuilding of both hydraulic and control systems.

Recent project (2011) was carried out at Fletcher Aluminium in New Zealand. Control system for the press, furnace, "hotshear" and billet handling was upgraded to Allen-Bradley ControlLogix. WIP Consulting's press program now controls the press and for the other equipment we developed new software with new functionality.
Because installation and commissioning was carried out in steps, on free weekends, interruptions were avoided and the implementation was very smooth. Adjustment of support functions and interfaces were made together with operators who immediately appreciated the new opportunities. After a few days the management could see increased productivity and the payback time on investments was very short.

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