WALS, "WIP Consulting Analyze and Log System", is a customized system that collects data from production and presents it in a web-based interface on the company intranet.

WALS is an online system that collect data from existing PLC systems or can be installed as a separate system. Key figures as OEE, availability, downtime / causes, production rate etc… is processed and presented graphically for quick overview.

WALS save all data in a open database, accessible to anyone on the network (can be restricted) who want to search and analyze the collected data in addition to the included reports.

WALS has a low start-up threshold. Installation costs are low and you can start with a machine / line and then extend to cover the entire plant.

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Press Control

Long experience in extrusion and high-performance hydraulics is the basis for the development of our systems and programs for press control. The systems are designed to manage and exploit the flows and pressures that occur in the hydraulic system in a very precise and safe manner.

The systems are also characterized by an intuitive and simple interface. Operators quickly learn to manage the opportunities and appreciate the visualization and help they get to reach optimal production.

A typical installation and commissioning will take 3 days (e.g. Fri-Sun) from a controlled start we will ramp up to quickly reach new levels, new production records are often set already in the first week.

The systems are installed at many customers around the world, the last in New Zealand, please read more under "Projects".

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