About us

WIP Consulting is a leading automation company and delivers fully automated machine lines to the whole world and its sister companies within the WIP Group. We will be the leading company in terms of innovation and design to provide our customers with the best conditions in the future.

WIP Consulting is a company with broad experience and good knowledge of high-tech industries. Our business concept is to deliver and install automation concepts to the industry, where we can help "from Idea to complete production facility". Our area is wide and can include everything from high-tech advanced industrial projects to smaller local projects.

The company WIP Consulting AB was founded in 2007 by Rickard Olsson, Perry Svensson and Håkan Östangård and today has six active partners. WIP Consulting employs 11 employees with experience from various areas The company is based in Åseda in the middle of Småland.



We are involved from idea to finished function. With broad experience and innovation, we create interesting and innovative high-tech solutions. With many years of experience in running large and small projects, we can offer a qualitative project management. We can help develop project plans, action plans that meet set goals and requirements. We are involved from idea to finished function, with broad experience and innovation, we create interesting solutions.

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Automation is more than plc and robot programs. WIP Consulting has experienced programmers in PLC, robot, HMI / OP interface and databases. The development has reached a level where virtually all brands on the market work well. WIP Consulting therefore works independently of platforms and allows the customer to control the choice of brand and system solution.

WIP Consulting handles everything from minor changes to the replacement of entire systems. Robots are being used in more and more applications as investment costs decrease. In many cases, it is a necessary step to meet competition from low-wage countries.


Safety for us includes the environment, health, and production. The foundation is laid in the planning stage and verified when we perform CE marking. Verification consists of risk analysis, testing of protection and safety circuits as well as control and calculation of used components and their monitoring. CE marking is always included when WIP Consulting delivers a new facility or conversion but can also be offered as a separate service performed at an existing facility.

We offer help with CE marking for both new and old equipment, large or small project. We use verification programs to ensure that risk analysis and calculations are correct from the beginning. Quality assurance can be a crucial factor for the company's future. By focusing on quality, you can achieve not only better quality, but also better productivity, profitability, and well-being.


We build projects in 3D and then simulate flows to see function and availability. Walking around the 3D model and seeing the layout and production flow before the machine / line is built is the future and our way of working. With the experience and knowledge, we have together with our 3D tool, WIP Consulting can design entire factories, production lines or just a simple application.

Creating simulations in 3D may be necessary to ensure capacity, availability, and function. Simulation of robot cells or material flows to see that the capacity is sufficient are some common areas.


WIP Group is a group based in Åseda, in the middle of Småland and consists several different companies.

The group has six owners who have all worked in the company since the start and have a strong connection to Åseda. The WIP companies started in 2007 and have implemented many large projects around the world.

Read more about the groupNews in WIP Group

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